Tonneau Cover vs. Traditional Truck Covers

Sometimes more generically referred to as a truck bed cover, these covers cover a truck bed in a fashion degree with all the truck bed itself (in contrast to the more conventional truck covers, which are level with the top of the cab). Tonneau covers are becoming increasingly popular and, as such, have many different uses.

Protection in the elements


Rain or sunlight can ruin items or for that matter, ruin the paint in your truck bed's interior. Your truck bed can function as a mobile and useful storage unit. There is no point in letting snow, rain, or sunshine reduce the utility of your truck.

Protection from robbers

Another useful aspect is their protection from burglars. A Retractable tonneau cover rolls up like garage doors and are often made out of 100% aluminum or industrial grade ABS plastic. The only real drawback here is that you lose some storage space because of the canister the cover retracts into, although quite safe when fully rolled out and when the tailgate is locked.

So while most of these covers provide a specific level of security (by concealing whatever you have in your truck bed), a hard tonneau cover provides the added protection of a hard exterior.

tonneau cover

Save Gasoline

One of the less obvious advantages of tonneau covers is the added gas mileage they offer. By lessening the amount of drag from wind resistance, they give your truck a more aerodynamic, wind-efficient framework that allows air to flow within the truck bed and never get trapped inside. That is notably useful when gas prices are increasing.

Tonneau Cover Manufacturers

There really are quite a few quality cover makers in the aftermarket. AgriCover is famous for the toolboxes and racks offered in their own line, providing a versatile and adjustable bed stand. Bak is known for their emphasis on accessibility and added security using retractable tonneau covers and their hard folding. Truxedo is known for the revolutionary Truxedo Deuce (a roll up and folding tonneau cover in one) and Truxedo Plus (combines the benefits of a roll up soft tonneau and a custom bed toolbox) tonneau covers. Our Facebook Page.